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canonize / канонизировать
canonize, beatify
(in the Roman Catholic Church) officially declare (a dead person) to be a saint.
he was the last English saint to be canonized prior to the Reformation
Judaism does not canonize people as saints nor does it demand the performance of miracles from its heroes.
On July 30, the pope intends to canonize Juan Diego, the humble Aztec to whom the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared in 1531.
In the aftermath of Vatican II, however, the nearly universal grief that followed his death led to proposals that the council canonize him by acclamation.
The possibility that his words may be heeded was suggested by the church's decision in 2000 to canonize six men who had signed the letters.
Already canonized in the pages of The New York Times and virtually ordained by the glossies, Eminem has become the current hipness litmus.
Indeterminacy, now canonized , becomes the favorite mark of an art form that has no determinacy in a capitalist society.
By the 1980s, Grease and Happy Days had become canonized as sources of images both of historical periods and of the theme of adolescence.
This particular effort, however, more closely resembles Plato's canonized critique in the Phaedrus of the new technology called writing.
Universities as institutions for basic research and high-level instruction have to maintain, increase and communicate that type of knowledge that is not readily canonized into mass education.
Some history books have canonized people who have ravaged the rich and shared the treasure with the poor.