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canonical / канонический
имя прилагательное
canonical, canon, canonic
имя прилагательное
according to or ordered by canon law.
the canonical rites of the Roman Church
included in the list of sacred books officially accepted as genuine.
the canonical Gospels of the New Testament
of or relating to a cathedral chapter or a member of it.
Meanwhile on the churchly front, he served as canonical counselor and defender of the first Episcopal women priests irregularly ordained.
имя существительное
the prescribed official dress of the clergy.
Cardinal Bea in full canonicals
This argument assumes that some crimes and punishments in that system are comparable to the canonical crime of clerical sexual wrongdoing with a minor and the ecclesiastical penalties available for it.
Translation of the DNA is performed initially according to the canonical code, but when the code changes different organisms in the population may be translated by different codes.
According to the canonical recipe, a stew (zirwak, from the medieval Persian zirbag: ‘that which is cooked underneath’) is cooked in the cauldron-like pot qazan.
This region of RPB1 in animals, plants, and fungi, as well as a number of protists is composed of heptad repeats with a canonical sequence of YSPTSPS.
No canonical or civil penalties, much less automatic excommunication, are attached to its violation.
The best results were obtained by the local alignment method LALIGN, as the analyzed sequences contained numerous gaps, insertions, and duplications relative to the canonical hobo sequence.
Another possibility is cross-binding of Swi4 and Mpb1 to canonical sequences for the other factor.
The tendency is not limited to the Hebrew Bible; it is expanded in the New Testament, where there are four canonical gospels, although one would provide a more definitive claim about Jesus.
It is likely that these two proteins represent only the first of many, however, since a proteomics study recently identified other nucleus-encoded chloroplast proteins that appear to lack canonical TP sequences.
My exegetical method combines elements of postmodernist literary criticism and canonical criticism.