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cannonball / пушечное ядро
имя существительное
пушечное ядро
cannonball, shot, round-shot
имя существительное
a round metal or stone projectile fired from a cannon in former times.
Mortars, as seen in the top right and bottom left hand pictures, were used to fire cannonballs over walls into a courtyard to kill soldiers and cause general damage.
I jumped as if to do a cannonball , but then turned into a dive while I was falling.
I was resisting the urge to become annoyed, but when I got to the part where Tacky does a splashy cannonball Matt shut the book with a snap and jumped off my lap.
He's gonna try a cannonball off the high dive and wash all the water from the pool.
He flew from the top of the diving board, landing in a cannonball , splashing water over the edges of the pool walls.
A small difference in the angle of a cannon will make the cannonball land in a slightly different place.
Shaylee yelled as she jumped off the diving board doing a cannonball .
She ran down the hill, off the deck, and did a cannonball into the water.
After an opening sequence that uses up all of Garfield's four jokes - his love of lasagna, the remote control, cannonball jumps and tormenting the dog and cat next door - the plot creaks into gear.
A nearby black hole, hurtling like a cannonball through the plane of our Milky Way, has provided possibly the best evidence yet that stellar-mass black holes are made in supernova explosions.
If a cannon is fired from atop a high hill, the cannonball will fall to Earth, landing some distance away.