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cannonade / канонада, пушечная стрельба, орудийный огонь
имя существительное
пушечная стрельба
cannonade, gunnery
орудийный огонь
gunfire, cannonade
обстреливать артиллерийским огнем
имя существительное
a period of continuous, heavy gunfire.
A desultory cannonade began at about 14.00, and as it seemed likely that there would be no battle that day Newcastle retired to his coach.
discharge heavy guns continuously.
the daily cannonading continued
the French attack began with a cannonade
he unleashed a cannonade of invective
This was a recipe for confusion and bloodshed; it culminated in the disastrous French cannonade on Damascus in November 1944.
Brown intends to put this right in his budget speech next week, however, when he will launch a cannonade against what their cuts in services would mean.
Three times the German armor attempted to break through, but, as more battalions of American artillery joined the cannonade , the enemy at last gave way.
Full-page ads in The New York Times and The Washington Post are now standard weapons for enviro campaigns, but no one had thought of using advertising as a cannonade before Brower.
I asked him if he sincerely thought that his daily cannonade of reports, forms, checks and feedbacks led to a better or worse health service, whether in the short term or the long.
They were thrilled by the appearance of a l2-person heritage guard, a cannonade fired in salute and a fly past by a Navy Seahawk helicopter from HMAS ALBATROSS.
Soon after 6 pm the spasmodic barking of the night-time cannonade (now normal in spite of its intensity) gave place to a ‘kettle-drum bombardment’.
Surprisingly, after his cannonade of criticism, Kramer's book offers only small-bore recommendations, ‘modest’ by his own admission.