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cannibal / людоед, каннибал, злодей
имя существительное
cannibal, man-eater
cannibal, anthropophagite
villain, fiend, malefactor, miscreant, cannibal, heavy
имя прилагательное
cannibal, cannibalic, anthropophagic, anthropophagous
cannibalistic, cannibal, cannibalic, anthropophagic, anthropophagous
имя существительное
a person who eats the flesh of other human beings.
cannibal tribes
Indeed, when compared to the Italian cannibal films of the '70s and '80s, Rob's little road movie is an artsy-fartsy wannabe.
cannibal tribes
During these years she made many enemies, among the whites and some Aborigines, with her cannibal stories, but also many friends who realised that she was the only person competent enough to deal with the Aborigines.
The ship anchored in the French Polynesia, and his encounters with a cannibal tribe there became the subject of his first novel, Typee.
Whereas the humble brownie survives on a meagre diet of crustaceans and fly life, the ferox is a committed cannibal , feeding largely on young fish of its own species.
Being transferred into a cannibal society would be extremely unpleasant for most people.
Ulysses took his revenge while Polyphemus was asleep, driving a sharpened and heated log into the single eye of their cannibal captor.
Charles Gordon Frazer painted Cannibal Feast to provide an insight into the cannibal civilisations he feared were on the brink of extinction after witnessing the feast while hiding in long grass.
It has very powerful claws and is an active predator, scavenger and cannibal .
This peculiar state of affairs led to the suggestion of a cannibal mythology as a feature of Western cosmology.