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cannery / консервный завод
имя существительное
консервный завод
имя существительное
a factory where food is canned.
It's coming to the end, the factories and canneries slowly sink into the grit.
Aside from all that writing, she has been a scaler in a salmon cannery , a reporter, photographer and darkroom manager for daily newspapers, a late show disk jockey and a communications consultant.
He spends four or five days a week in the main cannery in Samutsakorn, southwest of Bangkok, with occasional visits to a smaller plant in Petchaburi.
The cannery is the last on the island, once a world fishery center with 16 canneries that processed tuna, salmon, herring and other fish.
Instead of selling your catch to a middle man, you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery .
The cannery brought in herring from other countries, but capelin had become the major industrial species.
Built on the location of an old cannery , this new port is strategically located across from the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park.
Kumtor drew the line, however, at a request to build a cannery and fruit-drying facility so villagers could send their products to Siberia.
The company instead had contracted with a cannery in Peru, where asparagus is grown year-round, an acre yields three times as many spears and workers earn a tenth of what Rivera makes.
He set up a cannery in Glencolumbcille with the parish priest Fr McDyer and got the local people growing vegetables.
Cultivars of chilli Anaheim, C. annuum, was developed in California c. 1900 for the new cannery at Anaheim.