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cannelloni / каннелони
имя существительное
cannelloni, canneloni
имя существительное
rolls of pasta stuffed with a meat or vegetable mixture.
The cannelloni with it were stuffed with barley, an interesting failure.
Roll up the ham slices like little cannelloni and spoon over some of the vinaigrette.
Then in a baking tray place ½ the sauce, then a single layer of cannelloni .
Unfortunately I also had the cannelloni which was not as nice.
The Italian presence has resulted in a great popularity for pasta dishes such as spaghetti, lasagna, cannelloni , and ravioli.
Place three of the cannelloni in the center of a plate.
The cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach exhibited more neatness and care: three satiny rolls anointed with contrasting ribbons of its white and red sauces, beautifully presented nut brown and gratinated on a sizzling plate.
The cannelloni with it were stuffed with barley, an interesting failure.
My favorite of the pastas was the veal cannelloni , dual torpedo tubes of ground veal, congealed in a creamy mushroom sauce, with flakes of Parmesan sprinkled on top.
Shards of crabmeat in a cannelloni studded with celery root and clams tasted sweeter because of a broth of red chili and thyme.
The cannelloni was a tad dry and the risotto lacked the mixed vegetables promised in the menu, with only diced zucchini and a few pieces of red bell pepper.