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canned / консервированный, пьяный, разлитый в бидоны
имя прилагательное
canned, preserved, tinned, potted, conserved
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, canned
разлитый в бидоны
имя прилагательное
(of food or drink) preserved or supplied in a sealed can.
canned beans
(of music, laughter, or applause) prerecorded and therefore considered to be lacking in freshness and spontaneity.
Upon her arrival home she was greeted by the sound of canned laughter floating out of the den.
Similarly, programming and sampling blur the dichotomy between live and canned sound.
On the technical side the production is adequate, but I could have wished for a less chintzy starlit sky effect and canned sound that didn't sound so canned .
As with most games in this niche genre, AE features wailing guitars, canned jazz, and an array of real-world aircraft.
The growing use of instant pudding, instant drinks, snack foods, and canned soups reflects growing time constraints.
The bacteria which cause botulism cannot grow in acid conditions, so acid foods such as canned fruit and tomatoes need be heated only just enough to bring the centre of the can to boiling point.
Her vocals are as whiny as ever, but here they sound canned as well.
Rinse canned foods, such as tuna and vegetables, before using to wash away some excess sodium.
Research showed that although people watching comedy shows with canned laughter laughed less, the physiological effects were as if they had indeed laughed.
We never used canned laughter or ‘sweetened’ the audience reaction in any way - ever.
If the audience isn't applauding, canned applause should be at the ready.