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canister / картечь, жестяная коробка, банка для кофе
имя существительное
buckshot, canister, canister shot, case-shot
жестяная коробка
can, canister
банка для кофе
имя существительное
a round or cylindrical container, typically one made of metal, used for storing such things as food, chemicals, or rolls of film.
Pill bottles or film canisters make excellent storage containers for seeds.
When we got her stern to us we raked her hotly with plenty of grape and canister .
Sure enough, hidden beneath the bench is a 35 mm film canister containing two pencils and a sheet of paper.
The most common canon was called the Napoleon and used both grape shot and canister ammunition.
With this scheme elderly and vulnerable people can have important information about themselves stored inside a canister to assist rescuers called in an emergency.
The ammunition encountered by the soldiers was called canister , one of the war's most deadliest rounds.
another deadly volley of canister
I could run out of mine tomorrow; just like I suppose Buck ran out of his that previous night, one foot doing what years of canister and grape shot had not.
another deadly volley of canister
The introduction of the rifled musket in the 1850s with ranges greater than canister altered the role of field artillery.
Each canister contains enough for applications on 13 pairs of cross country skis.