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caned / вдалбливать урок, бить палкой, оплетать тростником
вдалбливать урок
бить палкой
bat, cane, cudgel, dumb, truncheon
оплетать тростником
beat with a cane as a punishment.
I remember anticipating the possible punishment of being caned for writing about ‘an enemy’ - a Western Christian woman - and later being admonished by mum for provoking the authorities.
make or repair (furniture) with cane.
armchairs with caned seats
The seat frame of the William and Mary stool replaces what was probably a caned seat.
Wooden sculptures, plaques, and furniture (especially chairs with caned backs and seats) are popular crafts.
These have caned seats, and are plainer in their decoration than the chairs and stools, but they do seem to have been originally en suite, and were certainly part of the set in 1694.
The old-fashioned rocker, with spindles or horizontal slats and a caned or wooden seat is a veritable icon of all that is good, patriotic, and reliable in American culture.
As Parisian chair makers began adopting Tillard's designs, the frames of both caned and Louis XV bergère chairs were at times gilded or painted.
Thus, canvas seating furniture was popular, as were caned chairs, sofas, cribs, and beds.
La Maison's range of originals spans the 18th and 19th centuries, with gilded-cherub motifs, lacquered black chinoiserie and caned beds.