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cane / трость, тростник, прут
имя существительное
cane, stick, walking stick
cane, reed, rush, thatch, frail
rod, twig, cane, stick, switch, wand
имя прилагательное
wicker, braided, cane, wattled
вдалбливать урок
бить палкой
bat, cane, cudgel, dumb, truncheon
оплетать тростником
имя существительное
the hollow, jointed stem of a tall grass, especially bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem of a slender palm such as rattan.
They brought the eggs back to Constantinople in hollow canes .
a length of cane or a slender stick, especially one used as a support for plants, as a walking stick, or as an instrument of punishment.
Similarly, canes or walking sticks are often coated with Teflon, so that they will not slip on hard, smooth surfaces.
beat with a cane as a punishment.
I remember anticipating the possible punishment of being caned for writing about ‘an enemy’ - a Western Christian woman - and later being admonished by mum for provoking the authorities.
make or repair (furniture) with cane.
armchairs with caned seats
You can also do a lot with a group of small baskets, metal or cane , hanging from a sturdy hook in the ceiling.
The minister gave the commitment that the Government will not reduce the price of cane and other support measures to farmers.
The artifacts made of wood, bamboo and cane are claimed to be peculiar to the North Eastern States.
a cane coffee table
These circular basket boats are like large, unsinkable, cane saucers covered in buffalo-hide or plastic.
Violating the hijab code was made punishable by 100 lashes of the cane and six months imprisonment.
This disease reduces raspberry yields by wilting, stunting, and eventually killing the fruiting cane or the entire plant.
Every morning he heads out with a flute and two cane baskets flung across his shoulder on a bamboo pole.
Many Joburgers will remember the site as The Cane Shop, where cane blinds, furniture and baskets were once made.
a cane coffee table