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candy / конфеты, леденец, конфета
имя существительное
candy, sweetmeats, lollipops, sweet-stuff
lollipop, candy, drop, sweet, sweetmeat, barley sugar
candy, sweet, goody, comfit, bonbon, sweetmeat
candy, crystallize
варить в сахаре
candy, crystallize
имя существительное
a sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts.
a candy bar
preserve (fruit) by coating and impregnating it with a sugar syrup.
candied fruit
Simple sugars such as candy and sodas will give you a quick energy high and then drop you flat in mood and strength.
Although the history of pulled sugar and pulled candy goes back to the Middle Ages, rock with letters in it is probably a recent invention.
But most cereals are full of sugar and flavored like candy , cookies or doughnuts.
a candy bar
making candy at home is not difficult—the key is cooking the syrup to the right temperature
First prize was a large piece of maple-sugar candy with walnuts.
a candy bar
I stocked up on some sugar free candy for the train trip, and strolled back.
Unlike refined sugars found in candy and desserts, these simple sugars bring energy in a nutritious way.
Chew sugarless gum, suck on sugarless candy , and drink plenty of unsweetened fluids.