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candour / откровенность, искренность, прямота
имя существительное
frankness, candor, openness, candidness, unreserve, candour
sincerity, candor, frankness, genuineness, candidness, heartiness
directness, straightforwardness, integrity, candor, rectitude, straightness
имя существительное
the quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness.
a man of refreshing candor
He recognized the impact of fear, danger, confusion, and fatigue on men in battle, and wrote about them with unusual candour .
a man of refreshing candour
But Angela was very open and talks about what happened with great candour .
Unlike most of her neighbours, O'Brien was prepared to speak with a degree of candour .
Only an entirely new generation can bring honesty and candour to this matter.
A human being, but a professional, he answers questions with generosity, intelligence and candour .
There is no bar on her honesty, she is extremely frank, although her candour tends to be clouded by a vagueness of expression.
Through all the hardship, Dunne's humour and candour keeps the book bowling along.
Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply again; we very much appreciate your sincerity and candour .
Although the story is told more from a male viewpoint, it is related with candour and deep sensitivity.