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candlelight / искусственное освещение, свет горящей свечи, искусственный свет
имя существительное
искусственное освещение
lamplight, candlelight
свет горящей свечи
искусственный свет
имя существительное
dim light provided by a candle or candles.
we dined by candlelight
we dined by candlelight
At home, still with no power, we played board games and Mammy read us stories by candlelight .
There was no sound of movement in the house as he climbed slowly down two flights of stairs, also lit by candlelight , to the ground floor.
The prompters had to have good eyesight as they generally had to depend on candlelight to read the script.
To create a romantic ambience, nothing beats candlelight and the right sort of food served in the right way, he says.
The wooden interior of the chalet glows invitingly in the soft candlelight .
Some have textured tops and the dimpled surface is thin enough to allow candlelight to shine through the porcelain.
But much of the time there is no electricity, and at night we sit by candlelight .
Two paintings and a bizarre set of events bring these five very different and lonely people together to dine by candlelight .
Power shortages are nothing new to the Lebanese who survived on candlelight during 17 years of civil war.