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candidate / кандидат
имя существительное
candidate, applicant, aspirant, contender, postulant, expectant
имя существительное
a person who applies for a job or is nominated for election.
candidates applying for this position should be computer-literate
He is a fine instructor and Ph.D. candidate who happens to also be an outstanding athlete.
By virtue of his profession, he might be a likely candidate for the painting's patron.
This is the first time ever in any election where the candidate I vote for will actually win.
a leading candidate for the title of New York's ugliest building
Maybe you should find a suitable candidate for this very meaningful task.
Eileen's bubbly personality makes her an ideal candidate for setting up such a group.
Each candidate was assessed by seven examiners, each rating a different consultation on the tape.
The writer is a doctoral candidate in Teacher Development at the University of Toronto.
He was, in fact, a prime candidate for arrest and removal from the scene.
she was the perfect candidate for a biography