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candida / кандида
имя существительное
a yeastlike, parasitic fungus that can sometimes cause thrush.
Opportunistic bacteria, other parasites, fungi and candida , are threats whenever the healthy bacteria diminish.
Oral thrush (oral candidiasis) is caused by a fungus called candida that causes an infection in the mouth.
Clotrimazole cream and pessaries are often used to treat vaginal thrush, caused by the fungus candida .
Honey has superb anti-microbial and antibacterial properties that include the ability to inhibit salmonella, E. coli, shigella, and candida .
Inability to absorb nutrients can lead to bloating, candida , gas, diarrhea and/or constipation, allergies, skin conditions and a host of other problems.
The most common type is a yeast infection called candida , which is the same germ that causes thrush.
In women this rash is more often caused by candida , a yeast.
Long-term allergies, candida , yeasts, and functional imbalances can develop from even short-term use of antibiotics.
Anything that destroys the good bacteria in your body that keeps candida under control can lead to thrush.
You can also buy a single dose tablet of fluconazole from the chemist, to treat vaginal candida and balanitis caused by candida .
It can be due to other infections, such as candida , which are not usually sexually transmitted.