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cancellation / отмена, аннулирование, сокращение
имя существительное
cancellation, cancel, abolition, repeal, abolishment, revocation
cancellation, revocation, annulment, cancel, reversal, invalidation
abbreviation, reduction, contraction, shortening, shrinking, cancellation
repayment, cancellation, extinction, cancel
abolition, abolishment, cancellation, annulment, annihilation, avoidance
имя существительное
the action of canceling something that has been arranged or planned.
train services are subject to cancellation at short notice
Repeatedly over the past five years the mission was threatened with cancellation .
Mr de Bono submits that it was unlawful of the Commission to have refused cancellation of registration on the basis that some of the service users lacked capacity.
Also, make enquiries about fees for cancellation or changing dates for the trip, in case any such need arises.
Perishable goods or items which have been made to your specifications are not subject to cancellation rights
The Applicant appealed to the Care Standards Tribunal against that cancellation on 24th February 2003.
the cancellation of the performance
The fee cancellation could take effect as early as next January.
At first the Post Office applied a red cancellation mark to the new Penny Black stamps on envelopes, but it readily washed off.
And there'll be no fee for this cancellation , of course.
the debtor can procure cancellation if satisfied within one month