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can-do / сможет сделать
можете сделать
можете это сделать
можете делать
имя прилагательное
characterized by or exhibiting a determination or willingness to take action and achieve results.
I like his can-do attitude
He impressed everyone with his spirit, cheerfulness and can-do attitude, and was an inspiration to other children, said Mrs Sinker.
They combine the work ethic of Baby Boomers with the can-do attitude of Veterans and the technological savvy of Generation Xers.
Ramsey's can-do attitude, combined with high academic marks, recently won him some high-powered help towards reaching his goals.
The executives that I met with impressed me with their drive, intelligence, business savvy and can-do attitude.
Now that he's in charge, he's forcing a can-do attitude on a bureaucracy that's unaccustomed to a leader who actually expects results.
The can-do attitude that she and other migrants display, the determination to make something of their life in the north, puts the squabbling locals to shame.
It is this can-do attitude that the Gujaratis have carried with them to different parts of the globe.
Mercury's passage through practical Virgo is giving you a can-do attitude.
They make a good farm team because they share a can-do attitude, they're forward thinking and always curious about finding ways to farm better.
What most people seem to really want is a kind and benevolent laird with a can-do attitude and deep pockets.