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can / может
вспомогательный глагол
can, may
имя существительное
can, container, aerosol
жестяная банка
can, watering can, watering pot, water-can
be able to, can, may
иметь возможность
can, may, afford
preserve, conserve, can, mothball, tin, cure
имя существительное
a cylindrical metal container.
a garbage can
Robert faces a year in the can for drug money laundering despite claiming that he never realized his cousin was a drug-dealer.
the toilet.
be able to.
they can run fast
be permitted to.
you can use the phone if you want to
used to indicate that something is typically the case.
antique clocks can seem out of place in modern homes
preserve (food) in a can.
Some food companies now are canning vegetables with no salt added.
dismiss (someone) from their job.
he was canned because of a fight over promotion
Canada or Canadian.
It takes a couple of seconds to phone a team doctor and check if you can take something.
he can do it himself
Signal controlled crossings mean pedestrians can only cross when permitted to do so.
a five litre can
It's not like a screwdriver, which you at least can use to pry a paint can open.
Not only can he not read music, he cannot read at all.
Once again, can I reiterate my offer to Mrs Fell to go through any problems she has.
It turns out men and women can set the alarm clock or preset some radio stations with equal ease.
I'm fine, I can swim
all I can say is that it's dangerous