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campsite / кемпинг
имя существительное
camping, campsite, holiday camp
имя существительное
a place used for camping.
Retailers, hotels, holiday camps, campsites and caravan parks have all reported increased business.
Our campsite is probably only half full and most of the summer houses haven't been opened up yet.
They plan to either turn it into a playground or build a garage or a campsite if an owner does not come forward.
Eight years ago we spent a week in a tent on a clifftop campsite in Whitby.
There are campsites , caravans or cheap B&B's on both sides of the river.
Good campsites are plentiful here, but the more basic Department of Conservation sites offer the opportunity to park with basic facilities in pristine wilderness areas.
There are many campsites and static caravan sites.
If your budget is tight rent a safari-equipped vehicle, camp in recognised campsites and hire a guide when you feel that you need one.
Although there were no outbreaks of the disease in East Yorkshire, visitor numbers slumped after rights of way and campsites were closed.
There are some particularly picturesque campsites in the surrounding countryside which could provide an alternative to B&B or a hotel.
There are the remains of about half a dozen campsites , and the campers have just left tons of rubbish.