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campanula / колокольчик
имя существительное
bell, bluebell, campanula, handbell, bellflower, harebell
But in this case the flowers are carefully chosen: sunflowers for adoration, roses for love, grapes for charity, ranunculi for radiance, campanula for gratitude, and corn for fertility.
The campanula , which has been a great focal flower in the past, was pretty much a loss, as was my first planting of celosia.
In the greenhouse are growing delphiniums, various blue and white campanula and white agerathemums.
After the first hard freeze, cut back perennials such as aster, campanula , daylily, phlox, and veronica, leaving 6-inch stubs above the ground.
Anyway, my campanula did not show their faces until mid-July, winding coolly through the hot froth of lobelia and by now rampant fucshia.
White splashed evergreen euonymus and two white flowered campanula add further cool tones to the group while the thin bronze foliage of a clump forming grass gives good contrast.
It is dominated by hostas, peonies, campanula , and daylilies but holds a wealth of perennials and self-sowing annuals.
Our approach hike took 40 minutes through steeply pitched fields full of sassifrage, campanula , and grazing sheep.
Some choices include azalea, calla, hydrangea, miniature rose, moth orchid, Oriental lily, tulip, and ‘Wonder Bells Blue’ double campanula .
The upper bed is mostly for perennials, including red-and-white columbines, purple blue campanulas , and tall blue delphiniums fronted by yellow and orange Iceland poppies.