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camerawork / киносьемки
имя существительное
имя существительное
the way in which cameras are used in a movie or television program.
discreet camerawork and underplayed acting
Riedelsheimer's camerawork and editing is supremely confident and richly perfect.
discreet camerawork and underplayed acting
The camerawork is artistically gritty, capturing surprisingly haunting images.
There's also a chase scene in a swamp, towards the end of the film, that is a minor masterpiece of sound, camerawork , and atmosphere.
Scenes and camerawork are beautifully choreographed and immerse the viewer in the film's world.
The use of voiceover and hand-held camerawork gives the film a documentary feel and imparts a sense of gravity.
It is the camerawork in this film, however, that is granted the smartest trickery, gets the best laughs, and the cleverest lines.
That film is taut and moving, with impressive camerawork and gritty performances that reach a 2005 audience.
The camerawork gives the film an immediacy that is rare in movies these days.
discreet camerawork and underplayed acting