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cameo / камея
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
miniature, diminutive, cameo, midget, toy, elfin
episodic, cameo, episodical
имя существительное
a piece of jewelry, typically oval in shape, consisting of a portrait in profile carved in relief on a background of a different color.
More within the reach of the novice collector are the myriad of smaller novelty pieces, from the cameo brooch to the charm bracelet.
a short descriptive literary sketch that neatly encapsulates someone or something.
cameos of street life
One might almost be tempted to look for the cameo profile of a queen.
Australia's world champion surfer Layne Beachley made what she believes was the shortest cameo appearance ever in the surfing film, Blue Crush, which was released last year.
Ironically, it's Heston, in a small cameo role as an aging ape, who has the film's best moment.
On her right wrist she conspicuously displays a cameo bracelet bearing the profile of Louis XV.
The only small joy was a cameo by grand character actor James Rebhorn, who was fantastic as Headmaster Trask in Scent Of A Woman.
As I said, the one hundredth reviewer was going to get a treat and that would be a cameo in the story.
Abdul's cameo came in a sketch that recreated a typical Idol audition.
Early roles included a cameo in the film ‘Kudisai’ and the lead in the play ‘Irandavan Pesukiren’.
Likewise, jeweller Octavia Cook's cameo brooches, though very nice objects, aren't completely comfortable in this context.
I should have written him a cameo in the story, just for you.