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camber / выпуклость, кривизна, изогнутость
имя существительное
convex, convexity, bulge, bump, camber, swell
curvature, curve, camber, crookedness, tortuosity, flexure
camber, flexion, convolution, flection
buckle, dish, dish out, incurve, camber
давать подъем
имя существительное
a slightly convex or arched shape of a road or other horizontal surface.
the deck beams are curved for the camber of the deck
a flat roof should have a slight camber to allow water to run off
Mr Double revealed the highways department of Essex County Council is to study crash statistics for the past three years and may also examine issues to do with road surface, camber , lighting and parking.
The camber is all wrong and it runs down towards the houses.
I can't walk on anything that's got a camber .
Every time I backed the car off the drive, for instance, it became unhelpfully scared of the camber in the road.
There have been a number of accidents on the roadway and she fears that further crashes are almost inevitable, given the narrow nature of the carriageway and the fact that there appears to be some problem with the camber of the road.
A high mounting location for the upper control arms on the front suspension helps limit nose dive under hard braking, while a long steering knuckle provides negative camber for extra stability in cornering.
A minority of these roads, although listed with a carriageway of constant thickness, may have had a similar surface profile, provided the roadbed on which they were formed had a central camber .
There's a slight bend in the road and maybe there's a camber .
The instrument panelmounted crank also actuated the variable camber as the pilot raised and lowered the landing gear.