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cam / кулачок, кулак, эксцентрик
имя существительное
cam, tappet, jaw, lobe, pawl, wiper
fist, knuckle, kulak, cam, claw, mitt
eccentric, cam, wobbler
allot, take, divert, avert, withdraw, cam
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, cam
computer-aided manufacturing.
complementary and alternative medicine.
When a cylinder fires, the piston rod is at an angle and can immediately turn the crankshaft via the cam at the end of the pivoting arm.
Bill had rebuilt the engine and had fitted a BRR2 Piper cam which was hotter than the one previously used.
Advances in technology means that engines work more efficiently using an overhead cam .
Clint lost a digital video cam and tons of footage from all over Spain and Venezuela.
Solid, or mechanical, lifters provide more direct contact between the cam and pushrod and accordingly can rev up to 8,000 rpm.
We connected the slide to a cam attached to a motor.
However, it has just not been convenient to stop and use the digital cam to snap a few pictures.
My wife suggested I get my camera and I took several photos, all of them very disappointing with the digital cam .
Turning the wheel would wind the cable to one side, rotating the cam and through that the shaft and the rudder.
He gets better results a few blocks away, where he taps the signal from a pole-mounted freeway cam pointed at the San Francisco skyline.