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calve / телиться, отелиться, родить детеныша
calve, freshen, fawn
calve, throw
родить детеныша
отрываться от айсбергов
отрываться от ледников
(of cows and certain other large animals) give birth to a calf.
We are not aware of similar data reported for cows calving during different seasons of the year.
(of an iceberg or glacier) split and shed (a smaller mass of ice).
Out past a cruising leopard seal, the distant Marr Glacier calves another berg, the boom echoing across the water.
Arctic icebergs tend to calve from fast-moving glaciers and, therefore, tend to look like small mountains bobbing in the sea.
people often used to come for him to help calve their cows
It has shelves that calve big icebergs all the time, and we've tracked a lot of bergs from there.
But Mrs Appleby said she was not fazed by the work, including the first time she had to help a cow calve .
Cows that calve in hot summer months may experience a longer period from parturition to subsequent pregnancy.
Using stable sea kayaks, we'll explore a remote corner of this region, search for wildlife in sheltered coves, and watch glaciers calve into ice-choked bays.
‘Large icebergs calve off on a fairly regular basis from the larger ice shelves in Antarctica’ he says.
Also, heifers that conceive earlier in their first breeding season calve earlier and wean heavier calves.
They're very easily kept, you don't need a shed for them and they calve easily.
Some 40,000 icebergs are thought to calve annually.