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calumny / клевета, клеветнические измышления, поклеп
имя существительное
slander, defamation, calumny, smear, denigration, aspersion
клеветнические измышления
slander, calumny, false accusattion
имя существительное
the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation; slander.
You risk committing the sin of calumny .
Although it's likely that she will prevail in court, he has made an ugly situation even uglier by echoing a lot of calumny and spreading bald disinformation, thereby reaffirming public lies.
This is a well-worn calumny .
Scandal, woe and calumny struck the otherwise genteel junior school carol concert last night.
You risk committing the sin of calumny .
The girls were doubtless out for a good time but they were perfectly law - abiding women and the calumny has unfairly stuck.
That's her privilege, but I shan't forget the calumny in a hurry.
I'd just like to say that, having recently returned from Tangiers, this is a complete calumny against a fine bunch of traders.
The suggestion that the knights had previously had any communication with King Henry is a gross calumny .
He defended his beliefs with vigour, but in the end was overwhelmed by the flood of insult and calumny to which he was subjected.
Some people will tell you that it rains in Wales most days but that's a vicious calumny .