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calumniate / клеветать, злословить, оговаривать
slander, denigrate, defame, calumniate, malign, libel
backbite, malign, traduce, scandalize, calumniate
reserve, calumniate
make false and defamatory statements about.
foes were calumniating him in the US press
At first, I couldn't bring myself to believe the veracity of the news item until I concluded that the reporter could not have been so debased as to fabricate the news to calumniate college students for no apparent reason.
You know, I don't have problems with disgracing him in front of the boss or calumniate him or anything like that if there's need for it.
Why, does he know you so calumniate him?
Before any of Mrs. Cryer's adherents is tempted to calumniate , I am not a hunting man although I am a countryman and do shoot clay pigeons.
In answer to our calumniators who say we wish to destroy property, I answer that we will not destroy the bedstead, but we will annihilate the bugs!
I agree that he has been calumniated in some ways.
It is vain to urge that truth will prevail, and that slander, when detected, recoils on the calumniator .
There is another method open to both calumniator and apologist.
For that, the stock comparison would be to chipmunks, animated or natural, but that would be a calumniation of our chipmunk brethren.
If we were to shine light on some of modern society's shortcomings, the act of calumniation would definitely be in the ranking, if not in the top five.