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callous / черствый, бездушный, бессердечный
имя прилагательное
stale, callous, unsympathetic, hard, obdurate, indurate
soulless, heartless, callous, inanimate, dead-hearted
heartless, callous, cruel, unfeeling, unnatural, cold-hearted
callous, coarsen, rusticate
имя прилагательное
showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
his callous comments about the murder made me shiver
This explains in part why slaves were often brutalized by the callous administration of cruel punishments.
Under its sugarcoating of carefree decadence lies a remarkably cruel and callous film.
More than rage, it was a pity that filled me on seeing this callous indifference all around.
It is this callous indifference to human life on the part of the ‘disciples’ that he is alerting us to.
People capable of that sort of uncaring and cruelly callous behavior tend to move on to humans if they are not stopped early enough.
If only you new the truth you would hang your head in shame at your ignorance and callous disregard for the suffering of your fellow Australians.
This isn't callous and soulless; it can be rich and exciting.
By defending his blundering ways, this self-serving little weasel shows callous disregard for that poor little girl.
Why didn't I bombard him with cruel, viciously callous words?
Jasmine felt a deep stab of anger at that callous comment and she glared at him.