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callisthenics / ритмическая гимнастика, пластика, физическая подготовка
имя существительное
ритмическая гимнастика
calisthenics, callisthenics, aerobics, eurhythmics
calisthenics, callisthenics
физическая подготовка
physical training, sportsmanship, callisthenics, calisthenics
One can never see him dancing or performing callisthenics on the stage to attract audiences.
He and his mates are laughing and jeering at their next-door neighbour: a crazy old man, stripped to the waist, performing what looks like some kind of weird callisthenics routine in his backyard.
The gym offers yoga therapy, aerobics and callisthenics separately for men and women.
three women swung Indian clubs while performing callisthenics in unison
Therefore, it is not that strange that the practice of transcendence should be as much a part of the Chi Gong tradition as callisthenics and breathing exercises that lower blood pressure.
These movements include push-ups, crunches, dips, pull-ups, lunges, body weight squats, back extensions or any other calisthenics .
He jogs, bikes and performs calisthenics to lose the extra pounds.
He was obsessed with exercising, and would often spontaneously do calisthenics whenever the four of them were hanging out.
Warm up before the weight-lifting session with stretching exercises, calisthenics , and jogging.
While waiting for rescue and to assist in warming yourself, attempt to stretch and do small, controlled callisthenic movements, such as waving your arms or twisting your torso.