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calliope / каллиопа
имя существительное
a keyboard instrument resembling an organ but with the notes produced by steam whistles, used chiefly on showboats and in traveling fairs.
Our steam calliope was traded to Cleveland for a second baseman.
имя существительное
the Muse of epic poetry.
The Astrodome was about right for Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King - in the distance, a calliope seemed to be playing.
Now, at 8: 00 a.m., the calliope hauled out of the local museum each year awakens the open-windowed slothful for blocks around.
When the calliope starts playing 'Mack the Knife,' it's time to call the kids inside.
When the kid found out we were going to leave him at home he started up a howl like a calliope and fastened himself as tight as a leech to Bill's leg.
It serenely drifts through the subdued moments accompanied by yet another diverting calliope !
Today, he plays ‘Waltz of War, ‘which he recorded using calliope and accordion sounds on the synthesizer.
Its coals fade to black shortly after it starts, but then a scratchy calliope whirs to life, taking it out on a wistful, black and white note.
Our steam calliope was traded to Cleveland for a second baseman.
Marimba, clarinet and calliope all figure heavily.
On the Mississippi Queen, old-time banjos and a calliope belt out favorites from long ago as passengers explore six decks worth of elegance.