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calling / призвание, профессия, занятие
имя существительное
vocation, calling, call, mission, avocation
profession, occupation, trade, career, business, calling
employment, occupation, class, exercise, business, calling
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the loud cries or shouts of an animal or person.
the calling of a cuckoo
a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation.
those who have a special calling to minister to others' needs
cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention.
she heard Terry calling her
give (an infant or animal) a specified name.
they called their daughter Hannah
(of a person) pay a brief visit.
he called around last night looking for you
Believing that the artistic calling was the highest one, he despised workaday employment.
Your vocation or calling is your purpose in life - your gift to the world.
Some people call themselves a priest or priestess because they want a title expressing their spiritual calling .
Some were simple employees who worked for the excellent wages the calling offered.
A lot of FBI agents like to say that the Bureau is a calling , not a career.
The calling to a hermit's life became strong again and in 1989, Frances moved back to Whitby and set up her second hermitage.
those who have a special calling to minister to others' needs
The whooping and calling from an enthusiastic audience was reminiscent of a Chippendales' performance on a good night.
Now and then a man may arise among us who in any calling , whether it be in law, in physic, in religious teaching, in art, or literature, may in his professional enthusiasm utterly disregard money.
the calling of a cuckoo