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caller / гость, звонящий по телефону, посетитель
имя существительное
guest, visitor, caller, visitant
звонящий по телефону
visitor, caller, comer
имя прилагательное
звонящий по телефону
fresh, cool, recent, new, crisp, caller
chill, cool, tepid, chilly, breezy, caller
имя существительное
a person who makes a telephone call or pays a brief visit.
Adding to his grief and pain was the number of frequent callers who wished to visit the famed author.
a person who calls out numbers in a game of bingo or directions in a dance.
A call went out for bingo callers for Monday night.
Wallace put it back to his caller that if you visited a casino, his analogy was that you could bet on the red or the black in roulette and if you call correctly you get to look like a genius.
We wish a speedy recovery to Delia Rockett, the popular bingo caller at the Wander Inn.
He was a frequent caller to us and we enjoyed many lengthy chats.
She loved to visit the neighbours and friends around her home place in Mayo Abbey and was a frequent caller to Gowel.
Out of the activity, the caller emerges and the dancers play a version of ‘follow the leader.’
But then life intervened and he went off to Wales to seek fame and fortune as a bingo caller .
an experienced caller from the commentary team
They had traced the caller 's telephone number and were trying to identify the property involved, but Sally had by that time made contact on another number.
a barn dance with a persuasive caller
Others ask the bingo caller to touch their tickets, request books from the top or bottom of the pile and go along with a lucky bingo buddy.