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callback / звать обратно, брать назад
звать обратно
call back
брать назад
withdraw, retract, revoke, call back, deny, draw back
имя существительное
an invitation to return for a second audition or interview.
For example, a friend who is an actor has recently arrived in the city and is auditioning and getting callbacks like crazy.
a telephone call made to return a call received.
After placing several calls to one of his handlers, I was more then a little surprised to receive a callback from someone who identified themselves as Tom.
a recall of a defective product.
ask which products have the most callbacks
an emergency call summoning an employee to work after hours.
uncontrolled air leakage results in increased callbacks
a security feature used by systems accessed by telephone, in which a remote user must log on using a previously registered phone number, to which the system then places a return call.
Their chances of receiving a callback rose 30 percent.
He does such a lousy job you don't get the callback until it's over.
Be certain the Web selling system provides this escalation or safety valve feature so customers can easily request a chat, email or callback from someone.
At 1: 30, I was told I would receive a callback from a supervisor within the hour.
If you love what you do, it will sustain you when you get a disappointing grade on your math test, get cut from the hockey team or don't get the audition callback .
When a Web callback is requested, the contact center can then assign the best possible agent to place the phone call while providing the information necessary to help the agent assist the customer.
I put calls out concerning an acquaintance of mine who lives in Rockaway, so I'm sort of on tenterhooks waiting for a callback .
To request an immediate callback , Web users just click a button on-screen.
I got a callback for The Secret Garden and so I went to that today.
And if it's yours, you'll get a callback from the band on your Skype phone.