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call-up / призыв на военную службу
имя существительное
призыв на военную службу
conscription, induction, call-up
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an act of summoning someone or of being summoned to serve in the armed forces or on a sports team.
my call-up papers
my call-up papers
I was never informed that such a call-up would be for only one month, or two, or six, or twelve.
It was a very special time for me at the Valley this time last year because I scored, got the call-up to the England squad and celebrated my birthday as well!
If Defoe builds on his superb Spurs debut, a call-up to the Euro 2004 squad may yet materialise.
In fact, she only found out about the call-up after looking on the website of the sport's governing body.
my call-up papers
he got a call-up to the senior panel
A call-up to the national team, suggested Bonetti, was not beyond him.
Life with the rich and famous at Monaco came to end with his call-up for National Service.
A fiery second baseman, Hairston impressed the team during a brief call-up last season.