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call / вызов, призыв, зов
имя существительное
call, challenge, invocation, summons, defiance, dare
call, appeal, plea, exhortation, draft, slogan
call, name
call, name, term, title, designate, denominate
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, produce
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a cry made as a summons or to attract someone's attention.
in response to the call, a figure appeared
a brief visit.
we paid a call on Howard
cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention.
she heard Terry calling her
give (an infant or animal) a specified name.
they called their daughter Hannah
(of a person) pay a brief visit.
he called around last night looking for you
The outcome of a teachers' vote on paid supervision of students is too close to call , union sources said last night.
Brian, who lives in the Costa Brava, will not be at the party, but the pair will be waiting by the telephone for his call .
The message that the competition between the two is too close to call came over loud and clear.
A unit test would directly call the subroutine I want to test, and it would rely as little as possible on other subroutines in the program.
hikers can't resist the call of the Sierras
a messenger arrived bringing news of his call to the throne
Students are advised to ‘arrange a lift or call a taxi if possible’ when travelling home in the evening.
In traditional square dancing the timing of a call is fitted to the music.
I'll call for you around seven
Most show the outcome is too close to call , though one poll last weekend gave Labour a strong lead.