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calico / коленкор, миткаль, набивной ситец
имя существительное
calico, muslin
набивной ситец
имя прилагательное
(of an animal, typically a cat) multicolored or mottled.
If you abuse a circus elephant, if you run a pet shop that sells a calico cat without a license or if you're a farmer who markets a potato that's too small, the US Department of Agriculture can fine you.
имя существительное
printed cotton fabric.
a calico dress
She is a doll made of grubby green satin, with satin stumps for hands and feet, features inked onto a round of calico for her face, and her pointed head of grubby green satin also.
More often these days you see people with calico or green bags lugging their shopping home.
Cyril reached down and stroked the calico cat's head with a work-roughened hand, and was rewarded with an even louder purr.
Before moving to America he had worked in Chorley as an apprentice calico designer and learned the art of engraving at his father's business, who was a woollen manufacturer.
They tied calico filled with heated salt around my neck for my tonsillitis and cared for me day and night. The boys visited me and slipped baby powers under my pillow.
The women liked to wear clothing fashioned from calico and other printed cloth, and silk ribbons became popular hair ornaments.
The sky, at eight in the evening, was the colour of bleached calico ; the clouds against the horizon seemed painted on.
What once might have been a real cow's hide, was now calico , stretched and teased over the ribs and stitched into place.
The men's clothes were made from calico by their women-folk and waterproofed with a mixture of eggs and boiled oil, so the clothes were all a yellowish grey colour!
A small calico cat leaped from his shoulder to the top of his head.