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calibre / калибр, диаметр, масштаб
имя существительное
caliber, gauge, gage, size, pass, bore
diameter, caliber, calibre
scale, scope, measure, caliber, gauge, gage
имя существительное
the quality of someone's character or the level of someone's ability.
they could ill afford to lose a man of his caliber
the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel.
a .22 caliber repeater rifle
Candidates of character and calibre with a sense of dedication and social commitment alone are to be elected.
He is a man of the highest calibre and integrity, leading a professional team of officers acting entirely independently and objectively in pursuit of the criminals concerned.
And they are well aware of our real character, our real calibre , and our real commitment to putting the people first.
Still if they can manage to recruit the right calibre of personnel to stand alongside Mayor Nuala Ryan who knows how things may pan out for them.
Anyway, eh, I figure that the calibre of the bullets, plus the range and angle used whilst firing the weapon on the lock would figure in to it somewhere.
The success of our initiative is testament to the high quality calibre of the producers in our region.
X-Rays showed a .22 calibre bullet lodged in his brain.
they could ill afford to lose a man of his calibre
The calibre and analytical ability of students have increased due to the curriculum and this is one of the reasons for the increase in demand for the profession.
Risk managers are charged with an important function within financial institutions, and to attract calibre candidates, salary levels tend to be competitive.