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calibrate / калибровать, градуировать, выверять
calibrate, gauge, size, gage, standardize, graduate
graduate, calibrate, divide, gauge, gage
adjust, calibrate, regulate, true, gauge, gage
mark (a gauge or instrument) with a standard scale of readings.
The model was calibrated on the basis of the similar experimental results.
Correctly calibrate the sprayer and check the nozzle output and adjustment before adding herbicide to a tank.
a separate control experiment is then carried out to calibrate the calorimeter
Huckabay advocates using ‘adjusted range factors,’ which calibrate for pitching staffs, ballpark effects, and so on.
You may also check the final result in different browsers, a very important step that allows you to calibrate the web site for maximum compatibility.
the regulators cannot properly calibrate the risks involved
It is impossible to calibrate influence but it seems likely the main impact of Mason and his cohorts was to talent spot young people in whom they saw potential.
Each and every time, we mentally calibrate the results.
Bevalac beams were used to calibrate and check out scientific equipment due to be carried on satellites or shuttle missions, and Bevalac experiments led to a better assessment of the risks associated with space flights.
The Toro Co. unveiled the Toro Sprayer Calibration Tool, a computer-based tool to help check and calibrate sprayers as well as calculate product and water mixing rates.
The standards are necessary to calibrate the system and ensure accuracy.