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calendar / календарь, летоисчисление, список
имя существительное
calendar, almanac, menology
calendar, era
list, roster, schedule, register, roll, calendar
register, record, log, enroll, check in, calendar
вносить в список
list, enter in a list, enroll, calendar, register, enrol
заносить в список
register, record, calendar
имя существительное
a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information.
For the weather obsessed, the calendar features information on the average temperatures each month, the average rainfall and the cycles of the moon throughout the year.
enter (something) in a calendar or timetable.
Indeed, the recently calendared Scottish records indicate that Anna was ‘engaged in startling vigorous political activity’ from 1590 to 1603.
The months of the Islamic calendar are determined by the phases of the moon and the Islamic day begins at sunset.
lunar calendar
The example of an organization's monthly calendar of activities fits.
The social calendar in the parish is filling rapidly with two forthcoming events in quick succession.
Later a more accurate value of 365 1/4 days was worked out for the length of the year but the civil calendar was never changed to take this into account.
Hundreds of companies and trade associations are footing the bill for after-hours events listed on the convention calendar .
With a social calendar as chock-full as your shopping list, you want to look your best this time of year.
Another condition was that the spring break should be agreed - either to be around the moveable Easter bank holiday, or separate and at a fixed point in the calendar , but not varying around the country.
According to the Chinese calendar , the 12 months are divided into four seasons.
This is always a huge festive event in the social calendar of the region as many visitors and local renew old friendships and enjoy a great evening.