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caldera / кальдера
вулканический кратер
volcanic crater
имя существительное
a large volcanic crater, typically one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.
Instead, Io's surface is dominated by volcanic features, notably gentle shield volcanoes with summit calderas several tens of kilometres across and surrounded by radial lava flows.
A large body of magma, capped by a hydrothermal system (a zone of pressurized steam and hot water), still exists beneath the caldera .
Scientifically speaking, Sulphur Springs is a caldera , or collapsed volcanic formation.
Mayor Island is a shield volcano with a caldera in the western part of the Bay of Plenty, off the east coast of New Zealand.
One particularly large eruption, about 28 million years ago, left in its wake a huge caldera , or crater-like basin, about 15 km in diameter and about 2 km above sea level.
He ends with the story of Anak Krakatoa, the new volcano rising in the caldera of the old volcano. and the way that life is taking hold in a doomed landscape.
This type of volcano is called a caldera , and is one of the most violent.
This landslide material was then embayed by lava when the central caldera was flooded.
Eventually the central location within the volcano was again utilized for magma storage and a deep caldera was produced.
The structures are bounded by a series of extensional ring faults that exhibit similarities to salt withdrawal basins, caldera collapse features and impact craters.
This is in direct contrast to earlier work which argues that these calderas were not united until a central caldera formed late in the volcano's lifespan.