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calculation / расчет, вычисление, калькуляция
имя существительное
calculation, account, estimation, computation, design, accounting
calculation, computation, compute, estimation, counting, reckoning
calculation, estimate, accounting cost
имя существительное
a mathematical determination of the size or number of something.
finding ways of saving money involves complicated calculations
The dispute then is not with respect to the mathematical calculation but rather the entitlement.
calculation of depreciation
We aimed to enable the calculation of risk of cardiovascular death within five years from a few personal factors.
You could hear the whirr and hum of political calculation , the internal hedging of bets.
This is, of course, a theoretical calculation , but one which graphically illustrates the point.
to make a calculation
For this Piero uses a method which involves a very large amount of tedious calculation .
Adequate training is required to ensure that the risk calculation tools are used only for appropriate patients.
You would not undertake a detailed calculation or assessment of the individual piping and its instruments.
he did a rough calculation