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calculate / вычислять, рассчитывать, подсчитывать
calculate, compute, figure out, determine, reckon, cipher
expect, calculate, reckon, depend, look, depend on
count, calculate, tally, compute, tally up, figure
determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically.
Japanese land value was calculated at 2.5 times that of the U.S
intend (an action) to have a particular effect.
his last words were calculated to wound her
suppose; believe.
After accumulating enough data, we calculated that each person spent at least a full minute in a stall.
As most deals do not go through agencies, it is difficult to calculate the total number of hotels sold.
In this work, the logarithmic theory is used to calculate the amount of land subsidence.
She'd had enough to drink to take the edge off of her fear, but not enough to be unable to calculate .
It's important to calculate how a conversion will affect your taxable income.
In order to calculate accurately, you need to determine the length of the pattern repeat, if any.
If you had enough information you could calculate just about anything in this Newtonian universe.
When we calculate turnout, we figure out how many active people there are in the entire population.
I was bright enough to calculate that she had been on vacation
Thus we can calculate how many atoms would cross the exobase fast enough to escape into space.
Any attempt to calculate or judge the stock market bottom is futile.