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calculable / поддающийся исчислению, поддающийся измерению, надежный
имя прилагательное
поддающийся исчислению
поддающийся измерению
reliable, secure, safe, solid, sound, calculable
имя прилагательное
able to be measured or assessed.
The irrationality of rationality appears wherever quality management focuses on increasing efficiency, and this is then measured by quantifiable, calculable outputs of the drug care system.
They bought a company with real, calculable assets such as a cable network, a film library, a host of magazines, and television stations.
In the cold war, nuclear arms issues were considered a matter of rationality, an international chess match in which self and mutual interests were calculable and predictable.
The mainstream record industry's position is a throwback to when cultural product was replicated via physical means, which spawned material artifacts of limited supply and calculable monetary value.
This is not, however, a war, a great mobilisation with a clear strategic or calculable end.
The potential interest rate bill is limited to a calculable size, and a borrower can decide whether to invest this extra cash in buying a particular property.
The philosopher critiques technology's instrumentality as marking the commencement of modernity as calculable , defined, measurable, ordered.
The length, width and, where calculable , number of the four separate cell types are presented in Table 3.
The essence of real leadership and responsible management is the ability to judge the difference between short-term calculable gains and deeply rooted core values.
In modern industrialized societies, the drive to make everything rational and calculable severs reason from the project of human emancipation and reduces it to the status of a tool.
Rogers tested for traces of vanillin, a chemical compound that slowly disappears over time at a calculable rate.