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calcite / кальцит
имя существительное
имя существительное
a white or colorless mineral consisting of calcium carbonate. It is a major constituent of sedimentary rocks such as limestone, marble, and chalk, can occur in crystalline form (as in Iceland spar), and may be deposited in caves to form stalactites and stalagmites.
Quartz is the dominant mineral in veins in siliceous rocks, calcite in limestones, and gypsum in gypsiferous sediments.
The limestone is highly fractured and contains abundant calcite and quartz veins.
Further up the core into the Waulsortian sequence, the limestones are cleaner and the breccia clasts are cemented by calcite .
In some geodes, the brown calcite is completely hidden by clear calcite secondary growth.
Abundant thin calcite and quartz veins cut the schists, and have been boudinaged and rotated parallel to the first cleavage.
This cavity may then be filled with coal, calcite , siderite, or any other form of sediment.
The calcite and other such minerals suffered greatly from exposure to the weather.
Phosphate may also replace calcite or be precipitated instead of calcite in neutral or slightly acidic pH conditions.
The nonzeolites apophyllite, calcite , and quartz commonly occur at many localities.
Strontium concentrations in seawater reflect the diagenesis of Sr-rich aragonite to calcite on continental shelves.
Specimens of this unusual calcite are on display at the Mineral Museum.