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calcine / кальцинировать, пережигать, сжигать дотла
calcine, calcinate, roast
burn through, calcine
сжигать дотла
burn to ashes, burn down, burn to a crisp, calcine
reduce, oxidize, or desiccate by roasting or strong heat.
calcined bone ash
A reverberating furnace with two hearths heated a roaster to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to calcine the ore.
The impresario William Wheatley used lavish sets and costumes imported from Europe and the innovative stage effects included calcine lights and sophisticated machinery.
The first step is to calcine the materials and press them into cylindrical rods.
The kilns that calcine the lime used in cement are often natural gas fired.
The somewhat purified ore is called nickel calcine and returned to the smelter to the smelter where it is mixed with nickel concentrate and the mixture thickened through removal of most of the water.
Up again, but a hold flakes under your grip, calcine teeth are chewing at your wrist in the crack, then a toe skates, and like that, poof!
Take some newts, by some called lizards, and those nasty beetles which are found in fens during the summer time, calcine them in an iron pot and make a powder thereof.
Both sizes of jars are tempered with grog, but the larger jars also contain small amounts of calcined bone temper (about 5 percent of the clay paste).
In simple rotary kiln systems, some finely divided particles of raw mix, calcined kiln feed, clinker dust, and volatile constituents are entrained in the exiting gas stream.
Bone fragments, for the most part calcined , were found in every unit except D. Two hundred forty fragments of bone were recovered.