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calcify / отвердевать, известковать, превращаться в известь
harden, calcify, indurate
lime, calcify, calcine
превращаться в известь
harden by deposition of or conversion into calcium carbonate or some other insoluble calcium compounds.
calcified cartilage
The project involved the application of farmyard manure and calcified seaweed to the land in order to increase its productive value, and enable the raising of 40 suckler cows on the land.
Radiographically, complete disappearance of the calcific deposit was observed in 60 and 86 percent of the high-energy group at six and 12 months, respectively.
Microscopy of the MAC revealed amorphous basophilic calcific debris intimately associated with clusters of grampositive cocci, consistent with Staphylococcus infection.
A calcified central nidus, a laminated pattern, diffuse calcifications or a ‘popcorn’ pattern all suggest benignity.
The endocuticle is ‘the thickest and most heavily calcified layer of the cuticle’.
A laser beam that has a very shallow penetration depth and will perforate calcified plaque is the excimer laser.
Histology revealed that the Achilles tendon of all patients showed fibrocartilaginous or calcifying degeneration close to the area of calcific tendinopathy.
Few arthritides are as painful, incapacitating, and stressful as a severe attack of acute gout, pseudogout, or calcific periarthritis.
Extravasation of meconium causes an intense chemical and foreign body reaction with characteristic calcifications , vascular fibrous proliferation and cyst formation.
Radiographs, if obtained, may show calcific deposits in the subacromial space or at the insertion of the supraspinatus tendon to the greater tuberosity.