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calamity / бедствие, беда
имя существительное
disaster, distress, scourge, calamity, evil, affliction
trouble, misfortune, calamity, mischief, distress, grief
имя существительное
an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster.
the fire was the latest calamity to strike the area
What new calamity could be taking shape in the odd disasters of recent weeks?
the fire was the latest calamity to strike the area
Nearly every calamity and malady known to humankind has a saint to look after it.
The areas that were most damaged by the calamity is certainly back on its feet.
To the extent that the pessimism is based on fears of an election day terrorist calamity , it's hard to argue with.
The worst economic calamity to befall a family, and especially women and children, is divorce.
Which devastating calamity is to come our way, hyperinflation or collapsing deflation?
Speaking of the next step, for families who have lost someone in this calamity , what's the next step for them?
Yes, this country could be devastated by terrorism, or a meteor strike, or some economic calamity .
One morning's natural calamity has delivered tens of thousands of new victims.