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calabria / calabria
имя существительное
a region of southwestern Italy, forming the “toe” of the Italian peninsula; capital, Catanzaro.
Ruffo was a Calabrian who had served in the papal curia but had found more favour at the Neapolitan court.
I listened to a Calabrian peasant singing as he follows his oxen along the furrow, or as he shakes the branches of his olive tree.
The scent is composed around the essence of sandalwood with a hint of ginger, with top notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin and Tunisian neroli.
Tony, a Calabrese in his late 40s will not buy Calabrian wine available in Australia because he considers it inferior.
Upon entering the stage, Ferdinand is established as ‘the great Calabrian duke’, and the description is fitting.
A horrible persecution followed, in which the colonists were slaughtered and the Calabrian church exterminated.
Recruitment met with difficulties due to the Calabrian revolt and was not enforced.
This means that if you want to build a replica Cotswold cottage or a Calabrian farmstead today, you must almost inevitably fake it up at great expense.
There was Sammy, the Calabrian who looked just like a stereotypical Italian.
He observes, rightly, that the Calabrian peasant who has toiled for long hours in the field does not want to come home to a grilled sardine and an undressed green salad.