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calabash / кальян, бутылочная тыква, горлянка
имя существительное
hookah, calabash, hooka, chillum
бутылочная тыква
имя существительное
an evergreen tropical American tree that bears fruit in the form of large woody gourds.
On Lovers' Lane nearby, some young men and women were flirting, while in the corner under a calabash tree some older men sat debating as to whether or not pawpaw leaves were the best bait for catching angel fish.
They were pictured chatting about the benefits of organic food in a food hall resplendent with purple calabash tomatoes, butternut chutney and smoked salmon from the Shetland Islands packaged in wrappers adorned with hearts.
Carved calabash or gourds are made into masks or filled with seeds to rattle as maracas.
Another popular instrument is the seigureh, which consists of stones in a rope-bound calabash .
Each wears a tall conical headdress made of fresh Thaumatococcus leaves and raffia sacking on a stick frame; it ends in a calabash that fits over the wearer's face.
To facilitate quick thickening of the cream the root of the munkudi plant is added to the calabash .
Then, when he shed the canopy, the thing looked like a large calabash , and he resembled a woman going to market with a heavy load of produce on her head.
This went on until all the chickens had shed their blood, some into the calabash , some sprayed onto the altar and some into the stream.
Women engrave designs into yellow calabash gourds.
Cloth, bamboo, calabash , cutlass, wood, metal, and many other materials can be used by the Grenadian artist as painting surfaces.
While a small band is playing and singing the traditional song of San Juan, blindfolded dancers from the audience try to hit the calabash with a stick.